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An exclusive boardroom seminar event including complimentary lunch for CEO's, MD's and Business Owners only.

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If you are the leader of a business and your current sales team is not performing or they are failing to reach and exceed revenue targets, then this seminar is designed specifically to help you turn around your sales team’s results fast! If your business doesn’t have a sales team, then this seminar is not for you.


Current research shows the majority of sales teams struggle to reach their revenue targets and as a CEO or Business Owner you need to know why your team maybe struggling, here the 4 main reasons:

Reason 1:

Most Professionals sell only with their personality and product or service knowledge rather than using a proven sales process that consistently works every time.

Reason 2:

Professionals neglect to ask powerful qualifying questions to clarify the needs and wants of their clients to convert sales more effortlessly.

Reason 3:

Opportunities to convert leads into actual business are missed due to ineffective attempts to close business.

Reason 4:

Majority of Professionals sell on price not value creating the need to discount and erode profit margin.

  • Increases Your Revenue & Drives Business Growth 
  • Helps to Retain your Sales Professionals by keeping them engaged & productive 
  • Increases Trust With Your Buyers by learning how to sell consultatively & not by using pressure or outdated sales strategies. 
  • Produces a healthier Pipeline 


  • Uncovers the tools to build Confidence to Close more Sales & Make the most of each opportunity
  • Provides a quick diagnosis to weed out any time wasters 
  • Teaches your Sales Team how to sell on value and not price 
  • Achieve your targets faster & with more precision 

Are You?

Is your current sales team a reflection of this research?

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As the key business leader, if you know you need to get sales results happening soon but are tired and frustrated with the constant excuses from your sales team as to why the revenue targets are not being met, then this exclusive boadroom style seminar for frustrated CEO's is for you. We will help to pin point what to do to turn your lack of sales team’s results around fast.


Our goal is to help you and your business get more success now from your sales team by sharing essential insights on sales team success every main business leader needs to know.

Here are 9 key takeaways you will walk away from attending the Switch On Your Sales Seminar:


A Fast Track sales team transformation model that you and your managers can implement in your business now


How to build consistent and real honest accountability in your sales team culture now


Ensure the right sales mindsets and motivations are being driven into the team to guarentee sales are converted


Target the proven skills and activities that will grow a long term healthy sales pipeline with accurate forecasts


World class step by step selling process that will enable your sales team to gain commitment and grow revenue quickly


Best practice sales leadership to attract, recruit, establish and coach “A Players” in your sales team and how to use them to build a winning sales culture


How you as the business leader can properly hold your sales manager accountable and not continue to just receive ongoing excuses why the sales team are not performing


A sales performance framework that has significantly shifted the revenue results of our clients’s sales teams. You will see a case study where one of our clients used this model to shift from 60 million to 90 million in revenue in just 12 months by transforming their sales team and sales management


How to protect yourself from hiring sales professionals who are not committed to selling or growing business


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Global Authority on how to Transform the performance of Sales Teams

Bradford Power is Australia's most sought after expert on the Science of Winning Business & the ingredients of Building a Winning Sales Culture.

He has been engaged by various brands, industries and businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Asia.

As a result Bradford's expertise has influenced more than 50,000 people who have attended his business development conferences, sales team transformation seminars and sales coaching programs.

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Since working with Switch On Your Sales we’ve seen dramatic results within our business. We’ve been able to increase our sales revenue by over 20%, we’ve been able to increase our lead conversion rate from 20% to 35%, helping us to strategically reduce our marketing spend. We’ve implemented within our business the effective processes that Switch On Your Sales has introduced us to, enabling us to form a healthy pipeline of work moving forward. We now feel that we have control over the sales within our business, which has led to our current success.

Ross Barker, Director, Dream Doors Kitchens

When I was introduced to Switch On Your Sales in Melbourne at a CEO briefing on sales excellence I was impressed with their knowledge, experience and methodology to improve sales performance. I had tried traditional sales training approaches but ran into the same problem as others do; that to sustain the new model takes incredible time and commitment from managers and the sales team alike. Switch On Your Sales has a unique approach that engages the sales team and the sales managers on a regular cycle, that involves a very structured program.

Geoff Purtill, CEO, Invacare

Having a world-class sales transformation expert and trainer to work alongside me in my business is crucial. In Bradford, I have found that person. His commitment to helping our CEO clients shift the performance and accountability of their salespeople is superb. If he sees problems that must be resolved, Bradford won’t shy away from addressing them, and I know that this straightforward approach wins him admiration and trust from those business leaders, who need someone on their side if they’re going to achieve the revenue results they need.

Julian Griffith, Private Advisor to CEO’s

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