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When I first met Bradford in Melbourne at a CEO briefing on sales excellence I was impressed with his knowledge, experience and methodology to improve sales performance. I had tried traditional sales training approaches but ran into the same problem as others do; that to sustain the new model takes incredible time and commitment from managers and the sales team alike. Bradford has a unique approach that engages the sales team and the sales managers on a regular weekly cycle, that involves a very structured program.

Geoff Purtill, CEO, Invacare

After recently taking on the Regional Sales Director role within Impact, partnering with Switch On Your Sales has given me the tools to develop my sales team with regularly structured sales meetings. These very practical solutions address typical sales scenarios, as well as a way of more efficiently managing the salesperson’s time. This benefits self-development and enhances the ability for my team to efficiently qualify buyers, ensuring only a genuine pipeline of dealers. The result is a quality list of customers who deliver tangible benefits to the business. 

Chris Howard, Sales Director, Impact Fertilisers

After 12 months of searching for support and training for our sales team, we joined the Generate program in July 2018. The structure and format of the program was what we were looking for as a way of both supporting our sales team with training and driving a sales culture within the business. The program has delivered everything I was hoping for, and more. The sales team have responded positively to the training and support, and the sales management have developed a better performance and accountability framework to manage the sales team. Brad is a great presenter and engages well during the online format and participating in the program with other companies has the benefit of providing different perspectives and ideas from other industries and markets.

Steve Cahill, CEO, Enlighten

Bradford has assisted us to establish and develop several sales and business development associated teams, including our Course Advisors, Student Support Officers, as well as providing coaching for several executives. As a result of Bradford’s training, we have seen very positive outcomes in student recruitment, retention, participation and satisfaction. Our growth has come from the essential skillsets and mindsets that our team have executed directly from Bradford’s coaching program. Bradford has been very flexible and agile in his approach, which has meant we’ve been able to design programs specific to the needs of each respective team. We’ll continue working with Bradford and strongly recommend his training and coaching to others.

Simon Clarke, Managing Director, Estrada College

I would highly recommend Brad as an excellent communicator, mentor and sales coach who not only has content, but makes it easy to digest through clear structure so you can apply it to your situation. My experiences with Brad have always been rewarding!

Charles Draffin, Sales Professional, LV Parts

I found the “Switch On Your Sales” Masterclass with Bradford Power interesting, thought provoking and it had a level of detail that enabled me to add some new tools to my sales process straight away. It was one of those courses that held my attention for the whole time, the content was that good. Thank you Bradford for helping me to unlock a whole new level of success in sales.

Kaylene Grieve, SEO & Social Media Strategist

We started working with the Switch On Your Sales team when we asked Bradford to present to our retail distributors at our annual sales conference in Hawaii. The feedback from them was excellent, leading to the team at Switch On Your Sales to develop a specific sales coaching program for this group. One of our team members used the questioning process taught in the program and when negotiating a new supply contract with an existing account, she grew its value from $2,000 to $20,000 a month – a fantastic result and a great example of what can be achieved through partnering with Switch On Your Sales.

Matt Adlam, Managing Director, Astral Pool

If your company is serious about growing their sales, or you're a sales director seeking to gain a greater commitment from your sales team, and maximise the potential within your existing team, then I would speak to Bradford Power now! Brad is incredible, his in-depth sales experience and understanding of how sales people are motivated, is amazing. We have recently completed a 12 month course and the findings are incredible. Putting these finding into action has immensely increased our sales, our team is more focused and morale has gone up. Sales techniques to draw out a clients REAL needs, the way to effectively motivate a sales person...the list goes on. But results speak volumes, with 40% increase in sales, I would like to say thank you Brad!

Jerry Thomas, Sales Director, BST Group Aust.

Since enrolling in the Generate Program, we’ve seen dramatic results within our business. We’ve been able to increase our sales revenue by over 20%, we’ve been able to increase our lead conversion rate from 20% to 35%, helping us to strategically reduce our marketing spend. We’ve implemented within our business the effective processes that the Generate Program has introduced us to, enabling us to form a healthy pipeline of work moving forward. We now feel that we have control over the sales within our business, which has led to our current success.

Ross Barker, Director, Dream Doors Kitchens

We engaged Bradford Power through his Generate Program to assist our salesman in his personal and professional growth. We are thrilled to say that after 9 months of mentorship and coaching we have seen a significant shift in our sales conversions and the professionalism of our processes and offering. Our conversions have improved by 27% and I would expect this will continue as we work through the sales cycle over the coming months. Choosing the Generate Program has been a very smart business strategy for my business.

Brady Morris, Owner, Dream Doors Kitchens

I first met Bradford Power when attending a Workshop on Sales Optimisation that he presented. Immediately I found myself drawn into his enthusiastic, meaningful and eloquent delivery style. When I later learned that Brad was a sales transformation coach and business growth expert, I decided there and then that he was the person to assist me to take my business to the next level. Over the course of six months, our team achieved more on developing the business and organisational culture than I had in over five years working on my own. Brad was exceptional in his mentoring approach and coaching guidance inspiring me to be a better leader to my team. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Brad to anyone in business who wants to become a better business leader and achieve success in building a better business for themselves and their team.

Anthony Buczynski, CEO, Green Hat Digital Marketing Agency

Grab your free copy of the ULTIMATE SALES PLAN

We've put together a tool to help evaluate your Sales Team PLUS an in depth Roadmap to set the right targets & activities for your team to reach and exceed their goals.

Grab your free copy of the ULTIMATE SALES PLAN with a tool to help evaluate where your sales team is at PLUS an in depth roadmap to set the right targets & activities for your team to reach and exceed their goals. 


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